Writing- मोहब्बत का पर्दा ना उठाते, तो अच्छा था।

Writing of the curtain
Writing of the curtain

This writing is inspiration that a guy got from her ex. After she rejected him by giving the reason that her friends think he is not worth her.

So the story starts from the moment when he first saw for the first time and fall in love. She didn’t have any clue about his existence. He fell for her but was afraid of that she will reject. Not because she was richer than him but because in his view she was so beautiful.

One day he gathered all his courage and guts, and texted her a Hello. She replied to him without any sign of boasting. Slowly but conversations started to happen between these two. He met her first time in the café, she was with her friend.

Love Story Started

A cute love story started to born among them. They started hanging out a lot. But all of a sudden a truth about the girl came up. She was committed to someone else, but never told. So after knowing this he got angry on her. He stopped talking to her, and she never tried to contact him either.

After 6 months they start talking again, this time she confessed about her feelings towards him. He was still the same lover he used to be. Only problem was that she was moving to another city (which was a prank). He got very upset, he thought it’s a new beginning.

She didn’t leave the city. So their love story continued, until her friends showed up. She started listening to them. The only thing the guy did was that wrong; he was a smooth talker. So he used to speak sweetly and with a sense of humour.

For her he stopped talking to other girls. But her genius friends didn’t let go the thought of him being unworthy of her. This writing came forward due to inspiration and pain, which led to this lovely writing.

In which he tells that –


It would have been better if you wouldn’t have pull out the curtains of love,

It would have been better if you wouldn’t have made me REALIZE what’s my worth.

You should tell those who said- I’m not worth you,

I’ve said –  it would have been better if you’ve not made me meet the real me.


This is the writing of the guy.

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