Romantic Shayari कभी वो देखें मुझे, कभी नज़रें चुराती है।

Romantic shy love
Romantic shy love

This is the writing(Romantic shayari) of a guy who has fallen in love with the most amazing girl in her class. The guy somehow managed to get her contact and tried to contact her through using social media app. That was the start of a new connection. They used to chat on daily basis. There wasn’t a second where these two were not chatting. However, when it comes to meeting in real life they used to act like strangers like they are seeing each other for the first time.

Start of Connection

But gradually they started to have eye contacts and exchange of smile. Both of them were very alike. In messaging they used to bond like no one could connect with them then the this one.

He used to watch her in the class by laying his head on the desk. Without having second thoughts about what will be the teacher’s reaction, and she used to look back at him and gave smile she turns towards him.

Love in the air

They started sending love messages and kisses to each other. And after a while our guy confronted this girl on a date where they spend a great time. But when he started to talk about his feelings, she just diverted the topic, this thing happened again and again. But in chats everything was going on smoothly, kisses and love messages(Romantic shayari) were still getting exchanged.

So after getting neglected for many times, out of anger he said he don’t want to talk to her. That day the girl told him about her feelings and the reason why she never talked about this in reality. Then he came to know that even after her child-like nature she is shy enough to not talk about her feelings to him.(Romantic shayari)

So next day in the class he was doing what he used to do in class which was to watch her. In that point of time this romantic shayari struck him and he wrote कभी वो देखें मुझे, कभी नज़रें चुराती है।

He wrote

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