Sad quote story – Walked a mile.

A lonely girl looking outside the window and thinking of life.
A lonely girl looking outside the window and thinking of life.

The girl looking outside the window, watching people enjoying the moments, thinks about her part of journey which led to writing a sad quote.

She’s remembering the moments where she was also surrounded by the nicest people she could ever met.

She enjoyed these moments to the fullest and had a great time. For many years she lived the life in dilemma, it was a moment of a solace where she was with people and still she was alone.

She had her own way to the problems that life throws on her, i.e. by putting a smile on her face. But the only thing that was bothering her was that even after having so many people around her who enjoys her company couldn’t tell whether the laugh was real or fake.

She has faced so many difficulties regarding parents, siblings, friends and lover. It was like a never ending train of problems.

Her life was like an endless sky where stars were the people around her, they were the bright glowing hot matter which gives her the reason to keep up the search for the person who could tell just by the looks that the smile on the face is nothing but a mask.


Sad Quote

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